Ryzen 1600 vs 1700 – AMD Ryzen CPU Comparison Review

amd ryzen 1600 vs 1700Looking to upgrade your computer with a new processor is always an interesting business, especially if you need it for some serious job, gaming or streaming. And if you have a dilemma – ryzen 1600 vs 1700 then you have a hard choice. Many people have the same problem these days, how to choose a better option between these two processors.

We were all witnesses of Intel’s domination for years, especially in the high-end market. But now with AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and AMD Ryzen 7 1700, we have some new quality players who can bring the advantage to the other side. AMD has been always a company who can be trusted, and it was a time for a new step.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600AMD Ryzen 7 1700
AMD Ryzen 5 1600AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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The Ryzen 7 1700 is an older brother, and after it was released on the market, a lot of buyers were surprised with a low price and with some seriously powerful performance for the money. Now, when the Ryzon 5 1600 is available, we have two AMD’s processors with excellent specifications for a decent amount of money.

Why are Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen 7 1700 so important for AMD?

As we already said, Intel’s processors are favorites on the market for years, but they are in a severe stagnation. The gamers were always inclined to their products, mostly because of the better clock rate, but in the last few years it seems like there is no improvement.

So, AMD really needs these two processors to be the best possible and to succeed in the market. They made them to compete with Intel’s models and to give buyers the best performance for a decent price. And so far, they are on the right way. They are quite cheaper than Intel and performance of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 CPUs are impressive so far. And that is why the battle of ryzen 1600 vs 1700 is so equal.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

This AMD processor was made to compete with Intel’s Core i7 and Core i5, but after a success with Ryzen 7, everybody is expecting a lot from an AMD Ryzen 5 1600. It should be an ideal selection for the majority of users who want top-notch performance for the affordable price. Let’s see main specifications of Ryzen 5 1600:

  • Number of CPU cores – 6
  • Number of threads – 12
  • Base clock speed – 3.2 GHz
  • Turbo core speed – 3.6 GHz
  • L1 cache – 576 KB
  • L2 cache – 3 MB
  • L3 cache – 16 MB
  • Package – AM4
  • Default TDP – 65 W

As we see, the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is designed with six CPU cores and twelve threads. With an excellent clock speed, it could be a perfect choice for gamers, and it also has a pretty good L cache size. These three things are the most essential for any gamer who wants to play the latest games and it seems like the Ryzen 1600 is a pretty good choice. The number of cores is relevant, but a clock speed is crucial, and that is the reason why Intel’s Core i5 was so successful within gamers.

But it can be desirable for content creators, too. Any sound engineer, video producer or video streamer will be satisfied with this piece. With massive numbers of cores and threads, this AMD processor is way faster than the competition’s, which has at the most four cores and eight threads.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700

We all waited for too long to see the new AMD processor on the market, but with the Ryzen 7 1700, they have beaten all expectations. Everyone who tried it was delighted how fast and reliable this processor is. It is a direct rival to an Intel’s Core i7 but for a lower price. AMD implemented a new Zen-based architecture, and now they are back in the game. So, let’s see main specifications of Ryzen 7 1700:

  • Number of CPU cores – 8
  • Number of threads – 16
  • Base clock speed – 3 GHz
  • Turbo core speed – 3.7 GHz
  • L1 cache – 768 KB
  • L2 cache – 4 MB
  • L3 cache – 16 MB
  • Package – AM4
  • Default TDP – 65 W

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is made with eight CPU cores and sixteen threads, and that made it so desirable. It is the fastest affordable processor on the market, and it is way better than previous AMD models. With a 3 GHz of base clock speed, it is a good match for the majority of the latest games, and the L2 cache is also quite impressive.

In the first tests, there were issues with some games running on the highest configuration. But after many game developers updated their software, it looks like Ryzen 7 1700 is going to be a serious gaming processor on the market.

Face-off between the two AMD CPUs

We mentioned that ryzen 1600 vs 1700 is a close battle and both processors are providing great performance for an affordable price. The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 has more cores and more threads than the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and that gives it a slight precedence. If you want to run a server, it could be helpful, so we will advise you to get the AMD Ryzen 7 1700. And it doesn’t mean the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is a bad selection for this kind of job, on the contrary.

The turbo core speed is pretty much the same, and a Ryzen 7 1700 is having a bigger L2 cache, while the L1 and L3 are the same sizes in both CPUs. If you have some fears about bottlenecking powerful GPUs, you should not, because both processors will allow them to accomplish the most of their gaming ability. Also, both products have similar levels of support; even the Ryzen 5 1600 is a little bit younger.

They even have the same thermal design power of 65 Watts, and they were made with a same producing size of 14 nm, so your electricity bill will be the same, no matter which one you choose to buy.

After this ryzen 1600 vs 1700 face off, we saw how small differences are between these great processors, and it is time to move on.

Tyzen 1600 vs 1700 – which one is better for gamers

These two CPUs were made for gaming and to fulfill all requirements of the latest games, so it is hard to say which one is better. The battle ryzen 1600 vs 1700 is an almost even game, but now we are going to take a closer look.

The AMD Ryzen 5 1600 has a base clock speed of 3.2 GHz, which is slightly better than the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (3 GHz), and that makes it suitable for the latest games. It is a small difference, but it would put on a better performance. Ryzen 7 1700 has more cores and threads, but that is not a crucial thing here because games still can’t harness so many cores. Six cores are more than enough if you only want to run games, so Ryzen 7 doesn’t get any advantage with two more cores.

Both processors are using hyperthreading which can sometimes improve performance. The Ryzen 7 1700 has four threads more than a younger brother, but it is not an advantage when it comes to gaming. But significant CPU features for gaming performance are L2 and L3 cache size. If you want to play latest games at the highest levels, you will need a large L2 and L3 cache, but be aware that the larger cache will bring the higher latency. This is the place where Ryzen 7 1700 has an advantage with a bigger L2 cache (4 MB), but 3 MB in Ryzen 5 1600 is just enough for any new game.

Conclusion – and the winner is?

After all these reviews, we have to proclaim the winner of ryzen 1600 vs 1700 battle. Well, it is tough to say, because both CPUs provide magnificent performance, but our choice is the AMD Ryzen 7 1700.

It has two cores and four threads more which can be crucial if you are working on some serious audio or video projects, or you just want to run a server. With a slight worse base clock speed (3 GHz) than the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz), it will also run the latest games just fine. But it has a bigger L2 cache size, and that is also pretty important if you want to play the most recent games on the highest level.

And even if we say the Ryzen 5 1600 is a better match for gaming, the Ryzen 7 1700 is our winner because it is a universal world-class processor. It is a little bit more expensive than Ryzen 5 1600 but it is a CPU with so much potential. So, if you have a ryzen 1600 vs 1700 dilemma, our ultimate answer is – AMD Ryzen 7 1700.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600AMD Ryzen 7 1700
AMD Ryzen 5 1600AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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